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What We Can Help With - Platform Support

This page overviews what types of tickets and scenarios the Platform Support Team can help with and topics the Support Team doesn’t support.

Request Types

What We Do Handle

What We Don’t Handle

Example of a Ticket We Do Handle

Pull Request (PR) Approvals




  • Minor infrastructure related changes are OK

  • PRs are evaluated based on their impact on the Platform as a whole, not your team-specific goals for behavior. You must test your proposed behavior with at least one new or changed test in the PR and a review from another engineer more familiar with the PR’s goals.


  • Reviewing PRs where the Reviewer is NOT one of the groups described to the left.

See This Slack Example

Access Requests (be specific)

Sidekiq: Sidekiq UI Access

Flipper: Flipper UI Access

vets-api ArgoCD: Vets API on EKS Access

TestRails: Guide to TestRail

  • Granting access to Datadog, ZenHub, GitHub, Azure

  • See #github-information for GitHub access questions.

  • #zenhub-information for ZenHub questions.

  • Access to Datadog for Datadog.

See This Slack Example

App Logging/Monitoring

Monitor with Datadog

App Setup

Being a partner and resource as you get the app running on your system.


Doing the setup for you.

See This GitHub Example

Automated Tests

Troubleshooting relating to PRs. Before you reach out, make sure your branch is up to date and make sure the failures are not related to your PR.

Assistance with writing new automated tests.

See This Slack Example

CI Error

Troubleshooting and enabling checks.

any type of revamp of a CI step or the CI process overall

See This Slack Example

Collaboration Cycle

Reviewing Collaboration Cycle GitHub tickets, addressing Touch Points

building projects or features for you

See This Slack Example

Console UI

Questions re: Cypress tests, pull requests, out-of-band deploy, deploying to stage schedule


Reviewing the issue and forwarding to the correct team/Slack channel

  • Platform does not own Datadog, nor grant access to Datadog.

  • Datadog is a monitoring tool managed by DOTS.

  • See Get Access to Datadog

Design System

PRs where Design System team is a reviewer.

If a developer is having trouble using the forms library or building a form.

If a developer is using the DS and encounter an issue.

General Design System questions.

All general questions about the DS, should be posted in #platform-design-system or #design channel.


Questions or failures in dev, staging, sandbox, prod, forward proxy, revproxy.

Granting direct access to prod; this is started by Support and submitted for approval by OCTO-DE

Failed Deployment

Deployment policies

See This Slack Example


Behavior of forms in staging.

See This Slack Example

Google Analytics/Domo

granting access to GA and Domo via Analytics Team

Off-Cycle Deployment

revproxy (does not require OCTO-DE approval)

vets-api, vets-website, devops(non revproxy) deploys:

  • Notifying OCTO-DE via PagerDuty for approval.

  • Running the off-cycle deployment.

vets-api, vets-website, devops deploys:

  • Creating the off-cycle deployment GitHub issue with all the required information for OCTO-DE to review.

Front-end (vets-website)

Backend (vets-api)

Revproxy (devops)


Failed isolated application pipelines: Guidance

Platform Website Content

intake of content update requests

Platform Website Deployment / Publishing

Updating support pages with current information & practices

Review Instance

Issues with Jenkins and deployments


troubleshooting access issues


Welcome - Security Get your solution tested for potential technical security issues/vulnerabilities, focusing particularly on frontend-backend interactions, anything involving certificates or cookies, and any new interactions with dependent backends.


Access via SOCKS


Redirecting issues to the proper channel when #vfs-Platform-support is not the correct venue

We on the Platform don’t have administrative control of Slack. You can make that request in #slack-workspace-admin

Test Accounts

Questions pertaining to the Test User Dashboard (TUD). See Test User Dashboard Guide.

Creating new test users.

Test Failure

Troubleshooting E2E failures on existing tests, re-running tests, inspecting failures. Read: E2E Stress Test & Allow List

Assistance with writing new automated tests. Incident

Follow process: Incident Management

All Other Issues

Below is a list of resources that can help you find the answer you're looking for in the event that Platform Support does not handle the issue.

GitHub Access

Slack channel: #github-information

Platform Orientation: Guidance for New teams and team members

Slack Access + Issues

Slack channel: #slack-information

ZenHub Issues

Slack channel: #zenhub-information

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