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Getting help from the Platform in Slack

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To get help from someone on the Platform, use the Slack workflow in the #vfs-platform-support channel. This allows us to automate support request tracking so we can improve Platform Support over time.

If you need help, post in #vfs-platform-support. Avoid direct messaging a Platform team member or asking questions in other channels.

Before you begin

We know you’re working hard towards your deadlines and we’re here to help. Refer to our official response time policy.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Open the Slack shortcut menu

  1. In the #vfs-platform-support channel, select the run shortcut icon or type /support in the message bar.

Slack screenshot showing the run shortcut menu

Use the #vfs-platform-support Slack channel


Use the support shortcut in Slack

Step 2: Enter your support request

The support form opens in a modal and may take a second to load.

  1. Enter your support request information in the form.


  1. In the Request topic dropdown, select the option that most closely matches the topic of your request.


  1. In the Summary of request box, provide enough information for the Platform team to respond to your request. The preferred format for the request is: Who, What, Why (if applicable).

  • Who: Please include your Name and Team

  • What: Provide a clear and concise description of your request. If you are submitting a PR please include the URL and code snippets when necessary.

    Note: For Bugs/Issues: please include Steps to Reproduce, Error Messages, Backtrace(if possible), Expected/Current Behavior, Context(repo, environment)

  • Why: Please explain the impact if the request is urgent.


  1. Click the Submit button.

Your request will post to #vfs-platform-support and is assigned to the appropriate Platform team or reassigned by the Tier 1 Platform Support Team.


Other shortcuts

To see a list of ways to contact the Platform for help, select Need help from Platform? from the run shortcut menu. A message will appear that’s only visible to you.



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