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Get Access to Datadog


The Platform’s Centralized Monitoring Solution uses a Datadog instance provided by VA OIT DevOps Transformation Services (DOTS).

This document explains the process for requesting new Datadog accounts from DOTS.

  • Platform users get access to Datadog by sending a request to DOTS.

  • Users can request access for themselves or on behalf of another user.

Note: DOTS policy is that Okta/Datadog accounts be created using email addresses. However, they'll make an exception if a new Platform user does not have access to VA email, and request that the user’s account be updated with a VA email address after 90 days.


  • Users request access to Datadog from DOTS through Jira DevOps

  • Users receive an invite to DOTS Okta

  • Users sign in to DOTS-VA Okta to launch the Datadog application (see below)

  • Upon initial access, all users have a default role with Read-only (RO) permissions.

  • Platform support can assign other roles and additional permissions to users in Datadog.

  • Platform support ensures that users can access Datadog to view metrics and other assets.


Note: These instructions require a VA-issued PIV card. Alternatively, a Platform Crew team lead can fill out a request on a team member’s behalf. If you have a PIV card, but these instructions do not work, please see Troubleshooting Access to Datadog .

1 - Visit Jira DevOps using the request template HERE

2 - Sign in using your PIV card (or using your email):

Image of sign-in window

Image of sign-in window

3 - Submit a request for access to Okta and Datadog (instance name:

Note: You need to request access to Okta and Datadog

Fill out the request with info like the following:


Requesting access to Okta and

DOTS Tools List

Select "Datadog" from the list


Hello, I am a user of the VA.Gov Platform and need access to DOTS Okta and the Datadog GovCloud instance.

My COR or VA manager is: <Your COR or VA manager>

And their email is: <Your COR of VA manager>

Thank you,

<Your name>

Request Tools Access form dialog in the DOTS Service Desk

Example request for access to Datadog and Okta

4 - Your COR or VA manager will be notified via VA email and need to approve.

5 - Check your email inbox for an invite to DOTS-VA Okta

6 - sign in to DOTS-VA Okta HERE

7 - Launch Datadog from DOTS-VA Okta under “My Apps”

Note: The app name is “vagov-va-datadog”. See below:

Image of DOTS-VA Okta dashboard

Image of DOTS-VA Okta dashboard

Next Step

Get Acquainted with Datadog


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