Welcome to Platform Orientation! Platform Orientation was designed to onboard and orient new VFS teams and VFS team members to Platform products, processes, services, standards and expectations.

Orientation will point your teams and team members in the right direction to ensure you have the knowledge and tools necessary and to ensure you're familiar with the VA.gov landscape to successfully build products for VA.gov.
For an overview of Platform definitions and best practices, please refer to this Welcome page.


In this video, former OCTO-DE Platform lead, Rachael Roueche, provides a
brief overview of the VA.gov platform.

Video was recorded in November, 2021. Architectural elements of VA.gov may have changed since the video was recorded.

Our Process

Our Platform Orientation process contains two major actions:

  1. Completing the Platform Orientation ticket(s) in GitHub.

    1. Directions for new VFS team members.

    2. Directions for Product Owners or Product Managers on new VFS teams.

  2. Attending General and practice area specific orientation sessions held monthly (Calendly Orientation Session Links)