“I want to make sure your technology is ready to go for this session. Someone may have gone over a list of technical questions when you registered. I'm going to quickly run through those again just to make sure I have the right information.”


Device and browser

  • Are you using a computer or mobile phone during our session today?
    • Mac or Windows?
    • iOS or Android?
  • What browser are you using today?

If not joined by Zoom already

  • Do you have Zoom installed?

If on Zoom but can’t share screen

If assistive tech is being used

  • Do you have a screen reader on this device?
    • What kind of screen reader do you use?
    • Are you wearing headphones today? If so, would it be possible for you to take them off and use your computer or mobile audio? I'm asking so that I can hear your screen reader during the session.
    • How long have you been using it?
    • Do you know your screen reader's speaking rate (verbosity setting)? High, medium, low?
      • If high, be prepared to have them repeat anything that can't be heard or understood
      • I may need to pause you at times and ask you what you're hearing if I can't make out what's being read.
  • Are you using a screen magnifier today?
  • Are there any other assistive technologies that you use?
  • If low vision, the participant may require captions which need to be turned on in advanced settings