Once a participant is in the meeting, follow these steps to help them start sharing their screen.


  • iOS 11 or higher

  • Zoom mobile app for iOS version 4.1.18611.1228 or higher

Step 1: Show meeting controls

Convo guide:
When you are inside the Zoom application on your phone, you'll see a few buttons at the bottom. If you don’t see them, you can tap anywhere on the screen to get them to show.

Step 2: Meeting controls

Convo guide:

You should see Mute, Stop Video, Share content, Participants, and three dots over to the right. "Share content" and “Chat” will be important for us today. Let’s share your screen first.

Step 3: Share your screen

Convo guide:

Next, I'd like you to share your screen with me. Tap on the arrow that says Share content

Step 4: Select screen

Convo guide:

Then, tap screen.

Step 5: Start broadcast

Convo guide:

You should be prompted with an option to share Zoom. Then, select Start Broadcast.

After a count of 3, the entire device screen will be shared into the meeting.

Step 6: You’re sharing your screen

Convo guide:

Great, now I can see your phone screen!

Step 7: Device Audio

If you need to hear the audio on the device while testing with accessibility features, make sure the Share Device Audio is on.

Step 8: Back to Zoom

Convo guide:

You can tap the red time button in the top left corner when you are ready to stop sharing your screen.

OK, now double-tap the home button or swipe up to return to the zoom app.

Step 9: Accessing Chat

Convo guide:

Now that you’re in Zoom again, go ahead and tap your screen until you see the menu on the bottom.

If you tap the three dots you’ll see a menu where you can get to the chat. I’ll use this to send you links to things I’d like you to take a look at today.

You can tap cancel to return to the main screen.

Any questions?

Great, I'm going to begin now if that's ok with you.

For further support, you can v iOS screen sharing on Zoom