Did we recommend a Design Intent in the Collaboration Cycle Request ticket? If so, follow the below guidelines to get started.


Governance Team


Request this touchpoint when you've an idea of how to solve your problem statement and have drafted a lo-fi prototype and/or wireframe.

Design Intent reviews require a 2 day lead time


Synchronous 30-minute meeting


This is the first opportunity for OCTO-DE and Platform to view your product. You’ll introduce your new work initiative and discuss existing solutions in the problem space. You’ll present your wireframe/prototype and walk through the user flow.

Platform and OCTO-DE will then ask questions and provide feedback relevant to the product.


To get feedback on the user experience and your product’s overall design, as well as guidance on how to meet VA.gov standards.

Both OCTO-DE and Platform use this meeting to gain an early understanding of the product/feature, including the goals/direction of the product, the intended user flow, and the overall scope of the initiative.

Moderator script

Welcome to the Design Intent for _______ team for ______ initiative.

The Design Intent meeting is intended to be a collaboration touchpoint between the VFS team, OCTO-DE and the Platform Collaboration Cycle team. We ask that you first introduce your new work initiative to us and discuss the problem space you are trying to solve for. It’s helpful to learn of any constraints you were facing. Then, present your artifacts and walk us through the user flow. Next, any Platform and OCTO-DE reviewers on the Zoom will ask questions and provide feedback relevant to the product. We will help guide you to existing design components, research findings, and share relevant examples from other VA.gov work. We will also communicate any information to ensure you’re building a product that meets VA.gov standards. Lastly, please note that "must" feedback, if not addressed, could result in launch-blocking issues at Staging Review. By not addressing the "must" feedback, your team accepts the risk of being blocked from launch to the VA.gov platform. Please handle accordingly.


Collaboration Cycle moved to a new process beginning May 26th, 2022.

For those who started the Collaboration Cycle process after May 26th, 2022


VFS participants (required):

  • Designer(s)

  • Product manager

The participants above will not be invited to the meeting by Platform. You are responsible for ensuring everyone required to be in attendance is invited. We encourage you to invite other members of your team as well, including:

  • Content, IA, accessibility, and QA specialists who will be working on the product

  • Other VA stakeholders

Platform participants:

  • Design

  • Accessibility

  • Content

  • IA

  • Product

  • OCTO-DE practice area leads


VFS provides:

  • Whiteboard sketch or other lo-fi prototypes or wireframes

  • User flow

  • Research plan

  • Any other relevant artifacts you have so far


Design, accessibility and IA Platform reviewers will document their feedback following the Must, Should, and Consider Framework, if applicable. Feedback tickets will be linked to the Collaboration Cycle Request ticket and available no later than EOD the next business day following the meeting.

Content and QA will not provide feedback at this touchpoint, as it's too early in the development process.

In addition, OCTO-DE or Platform may:

  • Recommend applicable Design System components and/or patterns

  • Identify needs for creating/updating Design System components and/or patterns

  • Identify needs for creating/updating VA.gov standards

  • Share relevant insights/flows/examples from other VA.gov work

  • Identify your product as a candidate for experimental design

  • Recommend early engagement with other teams that this work might impact