Once a participant is in the meeting if you need to send a link to a prototype you can send it in chat. Follow these steps to help them find that link in chat.


  • user is already in the Zoom meeting

Step 1: Show meeting controls

“Navigate to the Zoom app. Once there, you'll see a few buttons at the bottom. If you don’t see them, you can tap anywhere on the screen to get them to show.“

Demonstration of someone tapping the screen in the Zoom application to display the meeting controls.

Tap the screen while in a Zoom meeting to display the meeting controls

Step 2: Meeting controls

“You should see Mute, Stop Video, Share content, Participants, and three dots over to the right.

Go ahead and tap the three dots.”

Screenshot of the Zoom app with the meeting controls displayed

Meeting controls are displayed at the bottom of the screen

Step 3: Accessing Chat

Tap Chat at the top of the menu.”

Screenshot of the Zoom More menu expanded with the Chat item highlighted.

Select Chat in the menu to access the chat

For further support, you can v iOS screen sharing on Zoom