If you need to hear the audio on the device while testing with accessibility features, follow these steps to set up and turn on sharing audio on the device.

Before you begin

Device audio sharing requirements:

  • Android 10 or higher

  • Granted Zoom permission to record audio when prompted

  • Sound generated by the app you're sharing is allowed to be captured by non-system applications. Some apps may block sound from being shared for security and privacy reasons.

Step 1: Zoom Settings

“First, you’ll need to give Zoom permission to record audio.

In the Zoom app, tap on the Settings tab in the bottom right, then tap Meeting”

Screenshot of the Settings screen where you'll find the Meeting option in the middle of the screen.

Select the Meeting option within the Settings

Step 2: Use original sound

“Enable the option to Use Original Sound”

Screenshot of the Meeting Settings where you can enable Use Original Sound

Enable Use Original Sound

Step 3: Turn sound on in the meeting

“Now, go back to the Zoom meeting and tap the screen to show the icons on the bottom. Tap the more menu, then select Enable Original Sound”

Screenshot of the Zoom More menu expanded with the Enable Original Sound option highlighted.

Select Enable Original Sound in the menu to share device audio