Follow these step-by-step instructions to create an account and log in to the VA Platform Console.

These instructions are for the production environment (Utility). If you need access to Dev or Staging, click here.

The Console can only be accessed via the SOCKS proxy or Citrix Access Gateway (CAG).

  • The SOCKS proxy is an internet proxy used by engineers, but is also available for non-engineers. Setup instructions are here.

  • CAG is the remote desktop connection you use to access your email account. Talk to your practice manager if you’re unsure how to access this.

Create an account

  1. Create a account or log into an existing account.

    • Add your work email address to your account. This should be an email address that is also listed in your GitHub account. This will allow the Console to create a unified Console profile for you that connects to both your and GitHub accounts.

  2. Add your email to the allowlist by completing this ticket.

    • Replace with your name

    • Enter the email address you used for your account.

    • Click “Submit new issue”

Log in

  1. If you do not have the SOCKS proxy set up, log into the Citrix Access Gateway (CAG).

  2. Go to Tell your browser to trust the connection.

  3. Click "Log in". Log in using the window.

Detailed Login Instructions




Go to

  • If you have SOCKS proxy access, you can visit directly.

  • OR you can log into the CAG desktop and copy the URL into a browser there.



The browser may say “no internet.” Wait a few seconds, and the page should load. If the page does not load, you may need to get access via CAG or get SOCKS proxy access.



When you first visit, the browser will tell you that the connection is “unsafe” or “not private”. This is normal for a non-production website.

  • Depending on your browser, click to accept the security certificate, show advanced options, continue to the website, or similar.

  • In Safari, click “Show Details” → “view the certificate” and then accept the certificate.

    • Also right click on the tab, select Settings at the bottom, and change “Pop-up Windows” to “Allow”. Otherwise, Safari may prevent the pop-up window from working correctly.

  • In Chrome, click “Advanced” → “Proceed to platform-console … (unsafe)”

  • In other browsers, the path to continue to the site may be different.

Safari screenshots
View when logging in on Safari

View when logging in on Safari

Pop-up when logging in on Safari

Pop-up when logging in on Safari

Chrome screenshots
View when logging in on Chrome

View when logging in on Chrome

Pop-up when logging in on Chrome

Pop-up when logging in on Chrome


Click “Login” in the left navigation


A pop up will appear for

  1. Enter your credentials and click “Sign in”

  2. Complete two-factor authentication

  3. Click “Continue”

You may need to return to the main window to unlock your password manager if it is locked.

If you get stuck anywhere in the login process, try refreshing the page or logging in again.