• First time working with us? Review the guidance in Collaboration Cycle Kickoff. If you’re able to answer all the questions, then submit a Collaboration Cycle Request ticket per the guidance provided to find out which touchpoints we recommend for your product.

  • Ready to schedule a touchpoint? Follow the guidance for each touchpoint under Collaboration Cycle Touchpoints.

  • Have a question for one of our practice area specialists? Come to our weekly Office Hours listed in the platform office hours calendar.

  • Need immediate assistance? Reach out using the Slack support workflow on the #vfs-platform-support channel.

Platform teams supporting the Collaboration Cycle

Governance Team

Accessibility: Brian DeConinck

Content: Cheryl Evans

Design: Allison Christman

Information Architecture (IA): Sara Sterkenburg

Product Manager: Shira Goodman

Quality Assurance (QA): Ian Harrison

Analytics & Insights Team

Product Manager: Michelle Dooley

Platform Security

Platform Engineer Lead: Clint Little

Other teams supporting the Collaboration Cycle

Contact Center Team

Contact Center Lead: Kimberley Monroe-Daniels

Product Manager: Jason Woodman

Sitewide Content & IA

Project manager: Randi Hecht

Information Architect (IA): Joni Chan

Managing editor: Laura Willwerth

OCTO Practice Area Leads

Accessibility: Martha Wilkes

Design: Matthew Dingee

Content: Danielle Thierry & Beth Potts

Information Architecture (IA): Mikki Northuis

Research: Shane Strassberg

Security: Thomas Delrue