Did we recommend a Contact Center Review in the Collaboration Cycle Request ticket? If so, follow the below guidelines to get started.


Contact Center Team


Request this touchpoint:

  • At least 4 weeks prior to launch or unmoderated testing for a brand-new service, or

  • At least 2 weeks prior to launch or unmoderated testing for a new feature or iteration for an existing service.

The build on staging should be complete and ready to launch, but the priority is to begin this review with the required lead time (4 or 2 weeks).


Asynchronous review


To ensure VA contact center representatives are prepared to answer questions and help Veterans troubleshoot new tools or services on VA.gov.


VFS Product Manager submits a Contact Center Review ticket.


Learn more about how to prepare for this review at the Contact center review page.

VFS brings:

  • Product Guide

  • Product Video


Contact center reviewers provide feedback on your artifacts and training documentation in a GitHub ticket.