Did we recommend an Analytics Request in the Collaboration Cycle Request ticket? If so, follow the below guidelines to get started.


Analytics & Insights Team


Request this touchpoint after you've defined your KPIs and determined which user interactions would be beneficial to track before you build your product/application.


Asynchronous review. If Platform Analytics & Insights has any clarifying questions, we will reach out on the GitHub ticket for a synchronous 30-minute meeting.


To begin Google Analytics setup so we can understand how Veterans are using VA.gov.


VFS Product Manager submits an Analytics implementation and QA request ticket.


  • VFS participants:

    • Product manager (required)

    • DEPO product lead (required)

    • Front-end engineering point of contact (required)

  • Platform participants:

    • Google Tag Manager specialists


  • VFS provides:

    • Link to product outline (template)

    • North Star and KPIs for the product

    • Authenticated test-user logins, when applicable. Do not put staging credentials in your va.gov-team ticket; store or reference them in a .md file in the va.gov-team-sensitive repository

    • Your product URL(s), including any unauthenticated landing pages that precede your tool. For example, if your product is a multistep Veteran-facing tool, please provide the full path of URLs, noting any conditional logic that would take users to a different URL path for the tool


Platform will help teams configure Google Analytics tracking for reporting and will help support analyzing resulting data.