Congratulations! You have set, tracked, and used your metrics to make your product decisions. But your analytics journey isn’t over yet! Using analytics to make decisions with product management on is a continuous cycle. So what should you do to reflect on your analytics and ensure you continue to use the data?


As you get more comfortable setting KPIs, we suggest that while you plan for your roadmap every quarter, you also re-evaluate your KPIs. This can help ensure that your KPIs are up-to-date and reflect your product goals.

This doesn’t mean that you need to change your KPIs. Your KPIs should show you Veteran outcomes. If you find that the KPI results show you where your product is successful vs. what needs to be improved, then you should keep using them! This merely serves as a gut check to improve your KPIs if they do not help you understand your product outcomes.


Some questions you can ask while re-evaluating:

  • Did this metric lead you to your next product question or decision?

  • Were you able to accurately measure this metric?

  • Did this metric inform you if your outcome/objective was met or was healthy?

Platform resource links:

  • KPIs reflection workshop (tbd)