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How to use Medallia data in DOMO

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Medallia Data is a custom DOMO dashboard. We created it so you can view and analyze survey data from your product pages and any page. Surveys can provide valuable feedback about your products and how you can improve them.


VFS Feedback (always on) Survey

A feedback button on all pages above the footer triggers this survey. It focuses on task completion for the visited page(s) and provides valuable insights into user experience.

A11 Satisfaction (intercept) Survey

This is enabled across modernized and randomly “intercepts” 5% of users who have had a 20-second or longer session. Five questions gauge the user’s satisfaction and trust in VA.


The primary product/category/parent page on is generally an entry point to a more specific page a user will look for when trying to complete a task on


The secondary/child/product pages on are generally more specific to the tasks a user tries to accomplish while on

Using the dashboard

Primary filters


Filter by the device the user was using when they submitted their survey.


Filter by primary product/category/parent pages (see definitions above).


Filter by secondary/child/product pages (see definitions above).

Chart definitions


The total number of responses per survey type for applied filters.

Responses by directory

The total number of survey responses per directory (a limit of 10 is shown
by default).

Submissions by week

The total number of survey responses by week, segmented by survey type.

“Please rate your experience with today.”

This is from the A11 Satisfaction Survey. It consists of consolidated and summarized scores from answers to each question in the survey. It is measured on a 1⁠ to 5 scale, with 4 or higher being positive, 3 neutral, and 2 or less
being negative.

“How much do you trust Veterans Affairs to fulfill our country’s commitment to Veterans?”

This is the total number and percentage of responses from the A11 Satisfaction Survey, categorized by level of trust.

“How did this interaction change your trust in Veterans Affairs?”

This chart is from the A11 Satisfaction Survey and captures the percent difference in trust between positive and negative responses. The calculation is described in more detail within the chart.

“Were you able to do your task today?”

This is from the VFS Feedback Survey. It requires a “yes” or “no” response. The table shows the total and percentage of responses for each.

Satisfaction by directory

Here is a breakdown by directory of Veteran satisfaction based on the ratings from “Please rate your experience with today.”

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