The Platform Contact Center team collects and maintains data from MyVA411 call centers and Medallia surveys. VFS teams can leverage this data to identify needs and pain points, plus establish quantitative baselines for measuring improvement. This document outlines details about the data collected and how to use this data to improve VFS products on

MyVA411 Data

Data from the MyVA411 main information line (800-698-2411) is logged in SalesForce by call center agents. Certain case information is imported into DOMO for visualization, such as:

  • Case Category

  • Case Type (Sub-Category)

  • Outcome

  • Date Information

Any fields that may contain personally identifiable information (PII)—such as case notes and Veteran contact information—are not imported into DOMO. An export of MyVA411 case note information can be requested by opening a Qualitative Data Request. Qualitative data may contain PII and therefore needs to be shared to a VA email address on the VA network.

View MyVA411 DOMO Dashboard →

Medallia Data

Medallia Feedback Survey

The Medallia Feedback survey is accessed by clicking on the blue “Feedback” button located at the bottom of the main content on most modernized pages.

Medallia Feedback button

Medallia Feedback button

Medallia Feedback Survey

Medallia Feedback Survey

Feedback Survey Questions

  • Were you able to do your task today?

    • Yes

    • No

  • What task were you trying to do today?

    • Open text field

  • What is your overall satisfaction with this site?

    • Not at all satisfied

    • Dissatisfied

    • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied

    • Satisfied

    • Very satisfied

Medallia Intercept Survey

The intercept survey is enabled across all of modernized It randomly “intercepts” 5% of users who have had a 20-second or more extended session. There are 5 questions focused on satisfaction and trust in VA. See this document for more information.

Medallia Intercept Survey

Medallia Intercept Survey

Medallia Intercept Survey Invitation

Medallia Intercept Survey Invitation

Medallia Intercept Survey Questions

  • Please rate your experience with today.

    • Very Bad

    • Somewhat bad

    • Neither bad nor good

    • Somewhat good

    • Very good

  • Why did you select that rating? 

    • Open text field

  • Please rate how understandable this site's information is.

    • Difficult to understand

    • Somewhat difficult to understand

    • Some is easy, some is difficult

    • Somewhat easy to understand

    • Easy to understand

  • How did this interaction change your trust in Veterans Affairs?

    • Decreased my trust

    • Somewhat decreased my trust

    • Neither increased nor decreased my trust

    • Somewhat increased my trust

    • Increased my trust

  • How much do you trust Veterans Affairs to fulfill our country’s commitment to Veterans?

    • High level of distrust

    • Modest level of distrust

    • Neither trust nor distrust

    • Modest level of trust

    • High level of trust

Accessing Medallia Data

Quantitative data can be found on the Medallia DOMO Dashboard.

An export of qualitative information—responses gathered through the open text fields on both surveys—can be requested by opening a Qualitative Data Request. Qualitative data may contain PII and therefore needs to be shared to a VA email address on the VA network.

Open text fields on the Medallia surveys referenced here can contain user responses that are raw and explicit. Please be aware of the frustrated state some users may be in when submitting responses and the impact this may have on their language.

What to Do With the Data

There are a variety of potential utilizations of MyVA411 support data and Medallia survey data. Consider some of the following recommendations for where to start:

Establish a Baseline and Measure Success

  • Utilize the MyVA411 Dashboard to track ticket volume for relevant case categories.

  • Utilize the Medallia Dashboard to measure your product's satisfaction scores and task completion percentages.

Identify Pain Points

Specific metrics can expose areas of needed improvement:

  • High MyVA411 ticket volume for relevant sub-categories

  • Low satisfaction scores for your product/urls

  • Low task completion percentage for your product/urls

  • A negative net change in trust for your product/urls

Qualitative data can help further define specifics as to issues Veterans are experiencing. Primary sources of this qualitative information are:

  • Why did you select that rating? (Medallia intercept survey)

  • What task were you trying to do today? (Medallia feedback survey)

  • MyVA411 Case notes

Build Your Icebox/Backlog

Qualitative data exports can provide insights into trending complaints or issues. These trends can be identified and incorporated into tickets for your team to address in future sprints.

Write More Informative Research Questions and Hypotheses

Iterative research is a great way to make gradual improvements to a product. Pain points can identify areas that need improvement, and Veteran responses through Medallia and case notes can be utilized to write informative research questions and hypotheses.