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Google Analytics Opt-Out

Why should we opt-out?

To best separate our product team's activity from veterans, their families, and other users of, we ask all product teams and other internal VA staff to opt-out of tracking on their devices.

Please take a minute to visit this link on any desktops, smartphones, or tablets that you might use to test on the production site: 

How the Opt-Out Process Works

By clicking on this link, it will set a cookie that allows us to distinguish you as a Internal User. Google Analytics then filters out any device where it is marked as an Internal User.

This cookie will expire in 2 years. If you clear cookies often, you'll have to visit this link again to opt-out of tracking.

Tracking on Non-Production Environments

The cookie is only used on the Production site to filter out Internal Users. All activity on non-production environments is tracked so we can QA the Google Analytics data before it reaches production.

Does being on a VPN affect my data in Google Analytics?

While a VPN itself will probably not affect our analytics opt-out or modify the cookies we use to identify you, a VPN may affect the data we record in Google Analytics. Specifically, location or geo data can be inaccurate and constantly changing.

Please note that some VPN software includes additional browser extensions that may clear or block cookies.

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