The following is a list of the common Console Services (Backend) frequently asked questions.

Did my PR Deploy to Yet ?

First verify that it was merged and the time of the merged in Github to master.

Vets-Api has a daily deploy at 3pm EST and requires all changes to be merged to master by 2pm EST. If there are issues the service support team would have received an alert and is working on the issue.

See the full deployment schedule.

NOTE: for the status of deployments check in the #devops-deploys Slack channel . Also someone with GitHub DevOps access can view the status of deployments in Jenkins.

My Local Dev Vets-API is not working From Master

For Docker Setup: - First Reset you Docker Setup: do this.

  • make down

  • make docker-clean

  • make up

For Native Setup:

  • Verify each of the following Native Setup Steps and the Base Setup Steps.

  • Verify that your local Redis server is working.

  • Verify that your local Postgres database is correct. do a make db or make migrate if needed.

Feature Flipper Switch Issues and tips

This link to Feature Flipper documentation provides details on the setup and access to feature flipper switches.
The key checks needed:

  • user email is added to setting file for
  • the user email has been verified.
  • The #vsp-identity channel has checked email to ensure profile data is correct.

PR Review Response Times

PR Reviews have a one business day response time. Also See see the support recommendations for escalating the priority.

Sentry API Custom Exception and Context:

A development team can define custom exceptions and context, if the current defaults for error are not adequate in the file exception.en.yml.

Key GitHub Files:

Key Sentry Documentations

I need more info on Staging staging-api.va.gov and Dev dev-api.va.gov.

Vets-Api has three Environments Staging and Dev Environments.

Betamocks becoming a Contributor

To become a contributor to this repo, or to get help with permissions, contact the DSVA vsp-operations channel on Slack.

Rails Console Access

To get Rails Console Access you can request a person from in the Slack channel #vfs-platform-support to run commands or you need to requests temporary access to AWS and the DevOps utilities to access the server.

PR Common Merge/Reset Errors

Gemfile.lock file or db/schema.rb file conflicts

If see the following error
Confidence: Medium
Category: Weak Hash
Check: WeakHash
Message: Weak hashing algorithm used: MD5
Code: Digest::MD5.hexdigest(auth_headers.except("va_eauth_authenticationauthority", "va_eauth_service_transaction_id", "va_eauth_issueinstant", "Authorization").to_json)

Then you you should remove the Gemfile.lock and/or db.schema.rb file(s) before you pull or reset to master branch.