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Product operations terms and definition

This page contains lists of definitions related to products, features, and initiatives in the product directory.


  • Delivers (or enables) a service to a user or a system

  • Iterates over time without a beginning or an end (unless the product is sunset)

  • Made up of a set of features

  • Has a heartbeat (and other steady state/evergreen metrics) to measure its health and value


  • Caregiver Benefit Application (10-10cg)

  • My VA



  • An interactive component of a product

  • Cannot deliver a service by itself


  • Upload legal documents (Caregiver Benefit Application)

  • Benefits and Debt Section (My VA)


  • A team's attempt to iterate and improve an existing product (or to create a new one)

  • Has associated outcomes metric(s) derived from product KPIs that help assess initiative progress and success

  • A theme that aligns with a specific priority or strategy, or set of activities toward accomplishing a singular goal

  • It has a clear beginning and end


  • Health Apartment

  • "MyVA 2.0"



Background & Context

Our goal is to align OCTO product teams around a common set of terms for a product, feature, and initiative. This alignment has downstream implications, including what we prioritize and how we measure impact.

For more useful definitions, please check out VFS Product Directory Term Glossary (

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