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COTS Entellitrak system managed by SBG which VR&E uses to track voc rehab cases. Vendor built custom API to allow to submit VA form 21-1900 data directly to this system.

Overview and Terminology

more detailed description

Integration Endpoints

DEV Token: DEV Form Submission:

QA Token: QA Form Submission:

UAT Token: UAT Form Submission:

Production Token: Production Form Submission:

Required Configuration

Feedback from VR&E: "VA.GOV integration will consist of VA.GOV infrastructure sending the 28-1900 to a REST endpoint hosted by VRE&E CMS. Format will be a JSON object which VR&E CMS will consume and parse into the appropriate parts of the system"

Known External Dependencies

Feedback from VR&E: "VR&E CMS is hosted in a dedicated AWS GovCloud VPC. Connectivity to the VA is dependent upon a TIC provided by VA OIT."



Outage Status and Maintenance Windows

Feedback from VR&E: "VR&E CMS does not currently have any scheduled maintenance windows as it is not in production. Once system is in production, there will be scheduled maintenance windows which will be communicated to all stakeholders. A health check endpoint will be created at a later date"

Service Level Agreement


Escalation Procedure

Feedback from the business: "We are currently working with the VA ESD to implement support / SNOW groups / distro emails / escalation procedures / etc. More information will be provided after the new year – prior to the system going into production."


Program Contact – Jessica Bland – VR&E CMS System Owner - – 202.461.8444

Project Contact – Mary Zabrosky – Team SBG VR&E CMS Project Manager – - 571.467.9921

Technical Contact – Tj Delmarco – Team CBG VR&E CMS Lead Engineer – – 719.367.4161

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