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VANotify is a notifications platform, allowing consumer services to send emails and texts to their users.

Overview and Terminology

Code and issues for the Notification API is stored in this repository.

The Notification API was forked from a repository belonging to the Canadian Digital Service, which in turn was forked from the original project by the British Government Digital Service.

The first use case for the platform is to send confirmation emails for the submission of Form 526ez, from vets-api.

Integration Endpoints




Send SMS

Send an SMS notification, providing a recipient phone number and template ID

POST http://{{host}}/v2/notifications/sms

Send email

Send an email notification, providing a recipient email address and template ID

POST http://{{host}}/v2/notifications/email


The Notification API is currently deployed to a development environment on ThoughtWorks' AWS instance, at

staging environment is in the process of being provisioned, and will also be hosted on ThoughtWorks' AWS instance.

The API will be deployed to the VA's infrastructure for production.

Required Configuration

Configuration for the API is stored in, and set using environment variables.

These environment variables are stored in AWS SSM Parameter Store.

Known External Dependencies

The API currently depends on GovDelivery for sending emails, and Twilio for sending SMS.

Outage Status and Maintenance Windows

There are no standard maintenance windows.

Escalation Procedure

Notify the VANotify team using the #notifications-engine slack channel or the contacts below.





Product Owner

Beverly Nelson


Paras Shah

Program Manager

Emily Allan

Product Lead VA Notify

Melanie Jones

Product Lead

Megan Siddle

Delivery Manager

Zachary Law

UX Lead / Researcher

Elissa Folk

UX Lead / Researcher

Ian Hilton

Tech Lead VA Notify

Kyle MacMillan

Software Engineer, VA Notify

Ian Perera

Software Engineer, VA Notify

Jesse Anderson

Digital Notification SME

Jacob Cheriathundam

Tech Lead

Nathan Wright

Software Engineer,

Olaf Minkowicz

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