VA applications use their own S3 bucket to host CSS and JS for all apps and forms. After a deployment you will find your assets in the following locations:

Assets hosted in these buckets are directly referenced in the HTML source. Anything that is lazy loaded within a React application is passed through the VA’s reverse proxy (appearing to be loaded from It is set up this way to ensure all E2E tests use the properly generated asset during the CI process.


Static content is hosted in a specific s3 bucket dedicate to serving content, which is then passed through the reverse proxy to appear at the public URL. While this bucket is rarely visible to the public, you will find your static content hosted in the following locations:

CI uploads

During the CI builds are stored and archived for debugging purposes. If you ever need to find an asset generated through the CI process, you can find that asset at the bucket dedicated to CI uploads:


S3 Bucket Location

Continuous Integration (CI)