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Reverse Proxy Config

The reverse proxy handles incoming URL requests to and is managed through a reverse proxy routing config file.

React Router

To use client side routing such as react-router, the react_routes section must be configured to ignore the route. For example, a React app running at would need this added:

  - path: /appPath
    protected: no

By default, one url path maps to one document. This configuration changes the default behavior so that any additional path parts after /appPath like /appPath/IntroductionPage will return the document at /appPath.

Server-side Redirects

To redirect from one URL to another, use the redirects section with a src, dest, and optional params such as:

  # Redirect /caregivers/introduction to /caregivers
  - src: /caregivers/introduction
    dest: /caregivers
    rewrite: permanent

  # Redirect various claim process and apply links
  - src: /disability-benefits/claims-process/ratings/
    dest: /disability-benefits/eligibility/ratings/

  # ==============
  # March 23, 2020:
  # ==============
  - src: ^/coronavirus-veteran-faq/?$
    dest: /coronavirus-veteran-frequently-asked-questions/
    matcher: "~*"

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