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Health Quest Service


Designed to streamline access to healthcare appointments and data, this service exhibits a strategic connection with the Medical Appointment Programming (MAP) system, mirroring the approach utilized by the Veteran Affairs Online Scheduling (VAOS) service. This integration leverages specific methodologies and purposes, as detailed below. This is also known as the health questionnaire clipboard service.

Overview and Terminology

The health quest service connects to MAP in a similar way that VAOS does. It uses a subset of the same VAOS endpoints into MAP for appointments using only GET requests for appointments. There is some duplication here to avoid effecting the VAOS metrics. In addition, this service will be used to connect to PGD through MAP

Integration Endpoints

These are the MAP endpoints that the service uses


Required Configuration

The same type of keys that VAOS uses. These are put into the config/settings.yml in vets.api. A seperate setting from what VAOS uses has been defined as follows. These settings don't connect to anything in the development environment.

  url: ''
  mock: false
  key_path: /fake/client/key/path
  timeout: 15

Known External Dependencies



run the tests using rspec on the modules/health_quest/spec directory

Outage Status and Maintenance Windows

Service Level Agreement

Escalation Procedure






Laurence Guild

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