DS Logon (DoD Self-service Logon) is our most common login type, accounting for roughly 60% of all logins. It is hosted in the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC)

Integration Endpoints

We don't connect directly to DS Logon. Instead, we redirect to Eauth and then id.me who redirects to DS logon and redirects back to id.me then to Eauth who redirects back to VA.gov.

Outage Status and Maintenance Windows

Maintenance windows are communicated through VETSGOV-DEVOPS-MAINTENANCE@LISTSERV.GSA.GOV

Any time Pagerduty has a status other than "active" for DS Logon a downtime banner is in place on the sign in modal. Vets-api gets the status from PagerDuty once a minute. 

Outage Status on Banner

Service Level Agreement



DSL email group dodhra.dodc-mb.dmdc.list.ds-logon-issue@mail.mil


Site Authentication Dashboard in Datadog


Escalation Procedure

For shorter outages, less than 30 minutes, no action is necessary as DS logon outages are frequent. For longer outages, follow the Escalation Procedure outlined below.

If you see an alert for id.me authentication at the same time as a DS Logon alert, focus on id.me and Eauth as DS Logon authentication depends on id.me and Eauth.


(Email from Kenneth Roy received 12/152019/2020)

In order to serve our partners in a more efficient manner, new procedures for DSL production outages and requests for support has been implemented. Please see the new guidance below. Email address: dodhra.dodc-mb.dmdc.list.ds-logon-issue@mail.mil

DSL has implemented a first-come-first-serve queue for partner support. There may be delays in getting your partner requests requiring DSL team support accomplished so please plan ahead accordingly. This includes any requests for reports, non-production environment outages, test accounts, etc.


DSL technical partners (not users) are to follow the identified procedures to report all production outages.

  1. Partner suspects a DSL outage after internally investigating if the outage is not their system.

  2. Partner calls the DMDC Contact Center at 1-800-538-9522. On the "Main Menu", say "AGENT.";

  3. Tell DMDC CSR that you are a DSL Partner from "Site ID #000012" with info regarding the

issue/error. The CSR will ask and create a ticket number and partner will hang up.

  1. DMDC Contact Center will internally investigate and start a System Recovery Team (SRT), if needed. If SRT is needed, DMDC Contact Center opens an incident ticket.

  2. DMDC Contact Center notifies the DSL team who will call into the SRT to be briefed by the incident manager

  3. DSL team will send out a notification email regarding the outage. Outage notification will contain any known info that can be communicated out to partners within 30 mins after briefing to include incident information and resolution timeline (if known)

  4. DSL team will send update emails regarding outages that extend past 2 hours with the current known information, possible resolution timeline, and any additional updates available

  5. DSL will send a resolution email regarding the outage on the info that can be communicated out to the partners

  6. DMDC Contact Center will close the incident ticket

PLEASE NOTE: If there is extensive hold times at the DMDC Contact Center, email the DSL team directly regarding production outages as a last resort. All status updates will be sent via email to all partners at the scheduled times.

Please print and keep this information for future reference especially the SITE ID and DMDC Contact Center phone number.

SITE ID: DMDC 000012

DMDC Contact Center phone number: 1-800-538-9522

When you hear "Main Menu", say "AGENT". Email address: dodhra.dodc-mb.dmdc.list.ds-logon-issue@mail.mil