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Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

Integration Endpoints

The Loan Guaranty Public REST API provides endpoints for the VA's Loan Guaranty (LGY) services, currently our Service is integrating with the following endpoints.

Note: All of these endpoints note that EDIPI must be provided at this time, and that ICN will be available in the future.

GET /eligibility-manager/api/eligibility/application

Which returns the current active application for eligibility by ICN or EDIPI.

PUT /eligibility-manager/api/eligibility/application?edipi=#{@edipi}&icn=#{@icn}

Which submits a new application for eligibility by ICN or EDIPI.

GET /eligibility-manager/api/eligibility/determination:

Which gets the current eligibility determination by ICN or EDIPI.

GET /eligibility-manager/api/eligibility/documents

Which returns a list of documents associated with the veteran by ICN or EDIPI.

GET /eligibility-manager/api/eligibility/documents/coe/file

Which returns the latest COE associated with the Veteran by ICN or EDIPI.

POST /eligibility-manager/api/eligibility/document?edipi=#{@edipi}&icn=#{@icn}

Which uploads a document to associate with the veteran.

Required Configuration

API requests are authorized by means of a symmetric API token, provided in an HTTP header with name Authorization. An example Authorization header format is:

Authorization: api-key { "appId" : "JOELENDERSERVICE", "apiKey" : "SOMEAPIKEY" }





Product Manager

Kelli Deinarowicz

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