Overview and Terminology

Commonly referred to as "Central Mail API" and also referred to as ICMHS for Intake, Conversion and Mail Handling Services, this is a third-party integration operated by a VA contractor called CSRA.

Integration Endpoints

ICMHS is currently accessed over the Internet at csrarad.com URLs configured in each environment's settings.local.yml file. Tokens required for access are stored in AWS Parameter Store.

dev.vets.gov => test2.domaonline.com

http://staging.vets.gov => test2.domaonline.com

www.vets.gov => icmhs-api.csrarad.com

Required Configuration

Access tokens are stored in Credstash. No forward proxy configuration is required, the connection goes out over the public Internet. Central Mail is configured with the breakers gem from within vets-api to handle failures during downtime and outages.