is a hosted map data endpoint provided by ESRI. It provides several REST endpoints from which retrieves facility data including geographical coordinates and other attributes. does not have a direct account/relationship with ESRI. Instead, VA's GeoBISL team is the account holder. GeoBISL is responsible for data and configuration management of the VA data hosted at If as a whole is up but the VA REST endpoints are not responding properly it is likely to be a GeoBISL configuration issue.

Integration Points

Facility Locator

Facility locator queries the REST endpoints to populate facility locator map views and display facility detail pages.

The map data is pulled once per day from ArcGIS and stored locally in vets-api's Postgres database. This means that vets-api is not subject to request latency due to slowness due to the ArcGIS external service for the facility locator service. It performs this sync using a set of Sidekiq jobs defined in app/workers/facilities and scheduled in config/sidekiq_scheduler.yml, both in the vets-api repository.

Required Configuration

The configuration for integration consists of the four REST endpoints that facility locator uses - one per VA administration:

  • Veteran's Health Administration (VHA)

  • Veteran's Benefits Administration (VBA)

  • National Cemetery Administration (NCA)

  • Veteran Centers (VC)

The endpoints are configured in vets-api in config/settings.yml in the locators key.

There is no per-environment difference in endpoint configuration - all environments use the same endpoints.

Outage Status and Maintenance Windows status board

There are no known planned regular maintenance windows for

GeoBISL may refresh the GIS data for any of the three administrations at any time. Based on previous experience this may cause a brief data outage which may resolve itself after a short time or may need escalation.

Service Level Agreement

There is no known SLA for either or GeoBISL. The expectation of support from GeoBISL should currently be assumed to be VA business hours only.

Escalation Procedure

If as a whole is up but the endpoints used by facility locator are not responding properly, contact the GeoBISL team.

If is unavailable, you can attempt to contact their public customer support - but any account-specific support request will likely have to be routed through GeoBISL.








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