Overview and Terminology

Appeals status data is presented to VA.gov users alongside disability claims data.

  • Va.gov sends a query for a user's appeals data to Caseflow via a REST API.

  • Caseflow in turn queries the VACOLS database for the appeals data.

  • Caseflow also queries BGS (which is an interface to the "VA corporate database") for SSN information.

Integration Endpoints

Required Configuration

  mock: "{{ plat_config.APPEALS_MOCK }}"
  app_token: "{{ lookup('aws_ssm_custom', '/dsva-vagov/vets-api/<env>/appeals_api_token') }}"
  host: "{{ plat_config.APPEALS_HOST }}"

Key Contacts

Caseflow is built and maintained by the Appeals DSVA team.

For implementation questions members of that team tend to be present in the shared #appeals-status Slack channel.

For operations issues, use the #appeals-devops channel.

On the VA.gov side the Appeals status application is implemented and maintained by the Benefits & Memorials team.

Incident Response

  1. Check that the forward proxy has at least one connection to the Caseflow servers run the following query on prometheus and validate there is more then 0 backends up

  2. Check that the forward proxy health check is returning a valid result
    curl https://internal-dsva-vagov-dev-fwdproxy-1893365470.us-gov-west-1.elb.amazonaws.com:4437/health-check

  3. Check that the Caseflow service is available and that the health check succeeds from within the VA network
    nc -z appeals.cf.ds.va.gov 443
    curl https://appeals.cf.ds.va.gov:443/health-check

  4. Check the VACOLS status endpoint: https://monitor.cf.ds.va.gov

  5. Notify the #appeals-devops and/or #oncall Slack channels with any findings.