What is the Survey?

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The Platform Satisfaction Survey is an opportunity for VFS teams to give feedback about the usefulness of the current tools and services offered by the Platform.

The Service Design Team conducts this survey once per quarter and provides Platform teams with the synthesized results to inform their future activities and roadmap planning.

How is it used?

Results from the survey are collected, synthesized, and grouped into larger themes. These themes and any representative quotes are shared with Platform teams prior to the start of Quarterly Planning each quarter so that individual Platform teams can incorporate direct feedback from Veteran-Facing Services (VFS) users that engage with Platform tools or services.

Where is it?

The survey can be accessed at the midpoint of each quarter via the link below. The link will go live and allow users to take the survey and provide their feedback. Reminders will also be sent out in Slack via the #vfs-all-teams channel and the link will be available there also.

Survey is currently CLOSED for this quarter.

VFS team members

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The survey is a relatively short, five-question survey that asks you how your current experience with Platform’s tools and services is going. On average, the survey takes about three minutes to complete and it asks questions like:

  1. How satisfied are you with the Platform?

  2. What is going well?

  3. What is not going so well?


The feedback collected in this survey is essential to ensure that the Platform continues to build tools and services that truly solve the needs of VFS users. It is an opportunity for VFS teams to describe their true experience and pass along crucial information for Platform teams to incorporate into their work.

Furthermore, the very ideas or pain points that you convey can become action items for entire teams next quarter, resulting in any number of developers, designers, researchers, and product managers working to bring your ideas to fruition.

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The survey leads to changes for better outcomes

Platform team members

The Survey results are presented by the Service Design Team each quarter. Teams are encouraged to focus on the insights or pain points that exist within or near the scope of their team’s work, and evaluate them with their team to inform features or prioritize work in Quarterly Planning exercises.