The following is a list of the common Infrastructure (Operations) frequently asked questions.

Troubleshooting (SOCKS) issus

Socks Setup utilizes the VTK Gem tools to configure your SSH and enable the passthrough.

First verify that you have completed these SSH Configuration steps after you' given VA Github Organization access.

If you have completed those steps then you should be able to git clone using SSH from command line terminal one of the VA Repos.

If you still do not have access. Then try running the following commands

vtk socks off

vtk socks on

If it still does not work, then you should backup your $HOME/.ssh/config file , move it and re-run the vtk socks setup. This should recreate the config file with the correct VA SSH aliases.

Adding Internal (SOCKS) Developer Accessible Domain to va.gov

This answers questions related to adding new a domain to va.gov like example.va.gov.

  1. Contact Infrastructure team(Operations) Team.

The recommended process is to use a domain like example.vfs.va.gov since the Infrastructure team(Operations) team can simply add a CNAME entry to support that name.

If you want the actual example.vfs.va.gov name, then there is a longer process and this includes a WASA scan and filling out additional forms.

2. Also the location of the website matters. You may be limited as to where the domain can point using the example.vfs.va.gov and may have to move the website to another hosting location.