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VA Forms Library - How to use the ReviewCardField

The reviewCardField is used as a wrapper around user data that's displayed in a review card if data is pre-filled, otherwise it will show form components. It is currently being used to group user data such as:

  • Phone & email

  • Contact information (home or mailing address)

  • Bank account information

ReviewCardField options




Component shown in review (non-edit) mode. It gets the same formDataas the field.


Set as either a function or a (boolean) value that will be evaluated as truthy or not. If a function is used, it's passed the formData and expects a boolean return value.


If this is truthy, the component pattern changes slightly so that only completely new data can be entered, but not edited. This is useful for bank account information.


The title shown on the review card. Defaults to 'ui:title'.


The title shown on the edit card. Defaults to 'ui:title'.


The name of the set of data in the card. This shows up as a "New {itemName}" button when volatileDatais set to true.


Replaces the "New" in "New X" when volatileDatais set to true.


  • Include an import to the component at the top of the file:

// The review card field
import ReviewCardField from 'platform/forms-system/src/js/components/ReviewCardField';
// review mode renderer
import myViewComponent from './myViewComponent';
// predefined uiSchemas
import phoneUI from 'platform/forms-system/src/js/definitions/phone';
import emailUI from 'platform/forms-system/src/js/definitions/email';
  • In the uiSchema, specify 'ui:field': ReviewCardField for the given field and set 'ui:options':{viewComponent:<<CustomComponent>>}.

  • Include the desired uiSchema for the form elements.


An example of basic contact information is shown here:

// ContactInformationViewComponent.jsx
import React from 'react';

const formatPhoneNumber = number => {
  // formatting magic done here
  return number;

export default function ContactInformationViewComponent({ formData }) {
  const { phone, emailAddress } = formData;
  return (
        <strong>Phone number</strong>
        {formatPhoneNumber(phone) || 'Not available'}
        <strong>Email address</strong>
        {emailAddress || 'Not available'}

We create a component ContactInformationViewComponent. This component renders the form data when the ReviewCardField is in review (not edit) mode.

Your uiSchema might look like this:

contactInfo: {
  'ui:title': 'Contact Information',
  phoneEmailCard: {
    'ui:title': 'Phone & email',
    'ui:field': ReviewCardField,
    'ui:options': {
      // showing ALL options
      // ** required **
      viewComponent: ContactInformationViewComponent,
      // ** optional **
      reviewTitle: 'New Title',
      editTitle: 'Editing...',
      startInEdit: false,
      volatileData: false,
      itemName: 'Name',
    phone: phoneUI('Home phone'),
    emailAddress: emailUI(),

Set up the schema in a typical manner; there is no mention of the ReviewCardFieldhere:

schema: {
  type: 'object',
  properties: {
    contactInfo: {
      type: 'object',
      properties: {
        phoneEmailCard: {
          type: 'object',
          required: ['phone', 'emailAddress'],
          properties: {
            phone: {
              type: 'string',
            emailAddress: {
              type: 'string',

If the data is preloaded, it will appear on the page in a collapsed form with an Edit button. This allows the user to review and make changes as needed.

Screen shot of Phone and Email section on the review page. Phone and email data is read only, and an Edit button is provided.

Review card(non-edit) mode

With missing pre-fill data, or when the user presses the "Edit" button, the card will enter edit mode showing the form components:

Screen shot of Phone and Email section on the review page. Phone and email data is editable.

Review card in edit mode

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