Forms on support the ability to save progress to a user’s account and resume them later. Generally, it’s preferable and good practice to provide data to users that VA already has on file for them. Enabling SiP requires:

Form Config

There are several configuration options related to SiP in the form config object:

const formConfig = {
  formId: '28-1900'
  saveInProgress: {
    messages: {
        'Your VR&E Chapter 31 benefits application (28-1900) is in progress.',
        'Your saved VR&E Chapter 31 benefits application (28-1900) has expired. If you want to apply for Chapter 31 benefits, please start a new application.',
      saved: 'Your Chapter 31 benefits application has been saved.',
  prefillEnabled: true,
  savedFormMessages: {
      'Please start over to apply for Veteran Readiness and Employment.',
      'Please sign in again to continue your application for Vocational Readiness and Employment.',
  • formId: This key is used to save form data in vets-api. It’s usually set to the VA form number associated with the paper form.

  • saveInProgress: An object containing several options, the most commonly used configuration option being messages. For a full list of available settings check out the formConfig options page.

  • savedFormMessages: Messages sent to the SiP component.

formConfig Examples:

Visual Examples in Production

Introduction page alert box notifying the user their application is in progress and they can choose to resume or start over.
In-form save in progress message notifying the user their form progress was successfully saved.

User Profile Page

In progress forms displayed in a user's profile

Changes are required in the User Profile code for in progress forms to be displayed on the account page at