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Triage Tier Definitions


In order to efficiently and effectively address support requests, we utilize a structured triage system based on distinct tier definitions. This approach ensures that each request is evaluated and categorized according to its urgency, complexity, and the resources required for resolution. The tiered system allows us to prioritize requests, ensuring that critical issues receive immediate attention while managing less urgent inquiries appropriately. Below, we detail the specific criteria and expectations for each tier within our support structure, providing clarity and transparency about how requests are handled.

Tier Definitions

The Performance Work Statement (PWS) defines support tiers as follows:

Provide Tier 2/3 support as necessary to resolve platform-originated bugs/issues discovered on the Platform. However, if bugs/issues originate from Veteran-facing services built or maintained by other VA teams Tier 2/3 support is not required under this contract.

Tier 1 Support is staffed by the VA's Contact Centers

Tier 2 Support is comprised of technicians experienced and knowledgeable about the Veteran-facing Services Platform that can assist end-users to resolve problems.

Tier 3 Support is comprised of developers and engineers that analyze technical problems and define root causes.


Tier 1

Tier 1 will:

  • categorize supports requests using our Incident categories

  • minor or normal incidents will be logged in the current VA's Contact Center software system. If further action is necessary by the VFP or VSA teams the Tier 1 support person will assign the issue to the VSP team. The VSP team will review assigned issues at a regular interval (daily/weekly) and attempt to find trends.

  • MajorSevere or Critical incidents will escalate immediately to the Tier 2 support specialist through the agreed upon channels TBD

Tier 2

The Tier 2 specialist will:

  • Attempt to verify the issue and validate its severity using available metrics from Google Analytics and Datadog.

  • For Severe or Critical issues, raise the issue in the #oncall Slack channel

  • For MinorNormal, or Major issues, attempt to resolve the issue themselves or write an issue in the repo and assign it to the PM of the responsible team.

  • Use Slack channels to communicate with Tier 3 engineers and PMs as necessary.

Tier 3

The Tier 3 specialist will provide support to the Tier 2 specialist, further triaging issues escalated by the Tier 2 specialist, as prioritized by the console services team PM, as practical. The Tier 3 specialist will work with the Tier 2 specialist to make relevant metrics available.

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