Tier Definitions

The Performance Work Statement (PWS) defines support tiers as follows:

Provide Tier 2/3 support as necessary to resolve platform-originated bugs/issues discovered on the Platform. However, if bugs/issues originate from Veteran-facing services built or maintained by other VA teams Tier 2/3 support is not required under this contract.

Tier 1 Support is staffed by the VA's Contact Centers

Tier 2 Support is comprised of technicians experienced and knowledgeable about the Veteran-facing Services Platform that can assist end-users to resolve problems.

Tier 3 Support is comprised of developers and engineers that analyze technical problems and define root causes.


Tier 1

Tier 1 will:

  • categorize supports requests using our Incident categories

  • minor or normal incidents will be logged in the current VA's Contact Center software system. If further action is necessary by the VFP or VSA teams the Tier 1 support person will assign the issue to the VSP team. The VSP team will review assigned issues at a regular interval (daily/weekly) and attempt to find trends.

  • MajorSevere or Critical incidents will escalate immediately to the Tier 2 support specialist through the agreed upon channels TBD

Tier 2

The Tier 2 specialist will:

  • Attempt to verify the issue and validate its severity using available metrics from Google Analytics and Grafana

  • For Severe or Critical issues, raise the issue in the #oncall Slack channel

  • For MinorNormal, or Major issues, attempt to resolve the issue themselves or write an issue in the va.gov-team repo and assign it to the PM of the responsible team.

  • Use Slack channels to communicate with Tier 3 engineers and PMs as necessary.

Tier 3

The Tier 3 specialist will provide support to the Tier 2 specialist, further triaging issues escalated by the Tier 2 specialist, as prioritized by the console services team PM, as practical. The Tier 3 specialist will work with the Tier 2 specialist to make relevant metrics available.