Note: For questions and support regarding Sidekiq jobs, request help from the Platform Backend Tools team in Slack.

This document outlines how you can monitor the activities of queued jobs in vets-api. The background jobs are processed via the Sidekiq gem.


In a Rails console, jobs can be inspected and manipulated with the Sidekiq API.


When running vets-api locally, http://localhost:3000/sidekiq will give you insight into jobs that are running locally.

Deployed environments

Review instances support the /sidekiq endpoint without authentication. For other environments (dev, staging, sandbox, and production) GitHub authentication is used. You must request to be added to the va-gov-sidekiq team using the Sidekiq Admin UI Access Request issue template in the repository. Once you have been added to the team, you will be able to navigate to the /sidekiq endpoint, sign in using your GitHub credentials, and authorize the application read-only access to your GitHub account.