Security Review

All new services developed under Vets-API must undergo an internal security review prior to production launch. The purpose of this review is to dive into the implementation of a new service at the code level, and ensure that the accompanying OpenAPI specification is valid and complete. The following template should be used:

Security Review Template


  • {{ participant }}

Interfaces Documented (OpenAPI)

  •  Sufficient background information provided

  •  Data shape reflects implementation

  •  Authorization information

  •  Model documentation includes data element source and destination

  •  Model documentation includes data element sensitivity

  •  PTA submitted for service changes

  •  PIA updated if Privacy Office recommended

  •  Rate limits defined

  •  Size limits defined

  •  Latency expectations and guarantees defined

  •  Availability expectations and guarantees defined

  •  Maintenance windows documented (discouraged, but when applicable)

  •  Service dependencies documented

  •  Support escalation information documented (for service, and for service dependencies)

Data Sensitivity Overview

{{ Notes on data sensitivity }}

User Authentication

{{ Notes on user authentication }}

User Authorization

{{ Notes on user authorization }}

Data Scoping

  •  Is data sufficiently scoped to the user?

  •  If data is cached, is the cache scoped to the user?

  •  Are authorization policies well defined?


  •  Requests are logged

  •  Logs are properly sanitized

  •  Exceptions are logged

  •  Exceptions are properly sanitized

  •  Dependency service requests are logged

  •  Requests are traceable

Dependency Integrations

  •  All dependencies are monitored

  •  Inline requests are timed out

  •  High latency requests are backgrounded


  •  Product KPIs exist

  •  SLAs defined based on product KPIs

  •  SLOs defined in prometheus based on SLA requirements

  •  SLOs are tied to proper alert levels

  •  Team is on call and capable of addressing pages

ATO Review

  •  All ATO documentation is updated to reflect new requirements