Integrating TestRail and GitHub allows you to link test results to GitHub tickets. You can report, create, and push new defect tickets from TestRail while executing a test case. Within TestRail, you can also preview information in the corresponding ticket in GitHub.

To integrate TestRail with GitHub, follow the steps below:

Before you begin

To integrate TestRail and GitHub, you need access to a TestRail account. If you do not have a TestRail account, request help from the Testing Tools team in #vfs-platform support. For more information about requesting support, see Get help from the Platform in Slack.

Integrating TestRail with GitHub

  1. Go to your GitHub personal access tokens page.

  2. Select Generate new token to create a new access token for personal TestRail integration.

  3. Add a meaningful note for the token.

    Add Note for personal access token in TestRail

    Add Note for access token

  4. For the scope, select public_repo.

    Select token scope for personal token in TestRail

    Select Scope

  5. Select the copy button next to your token to store it on your clipboard.

    Use copy button to store token on clipboard in TestRail

    Copy button

  6. Go to the TestRail My Settings page.

  7. Select the Settings tab at top of page.

  8. Enter your GitHub username into the GitHub User input box.

  9. Enter the GitHub token stored on your clipboard into the GitHub Password input box.

    Enter username and token in TestRail My Settings page

    My Settings page

  10. Select the Save Settings button.