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Execute tests in TestRail

Once you’ve created your test cases and a test run, you’ll want to execute that test run through the TestRail interface. This page will guide you through the steps of executing a test run.

To execute a test in TestRail, follow the steps below:

Before you begin

  • Ensure you’re currently viewing the "Overview" page for your project.

  • Ensure you’ve created a test run that contains the test cases you wish to execute.

Executing tests in TestRail

  1. Navigate to the Test Runs & Results tab.

  2. Select the test case that you previously created.

  3. Select the greater than button at the right-most point of the row for each test case. This button expands the test steps into a pane on the right side of the browser.

    Select Test cases in TestRail

    Test cases

  4. Scroll through and execute steps in the right pane.

    Complete Test steps in TestRail

    Test steps

  5. Complete all test steps and select one of the following:

    1. Add Result to add a detailed result

    2. Pass & Next to mark the test case as passed and proceed to the next one

      Add results and pass and next in TestRail

      Add results and pass and next

  6. Mark the test case as Failed if the test case doesn't pass.

  7. Use the Defect box to add a test incident to GitHub with the relevant information.

    Use Defect box to add test incident to GitHub

    Use Defect box to add test incident to GitHub

  8. Mark each test case as either Passed or Failed.

  9. Once marked, review the results for your test run.

If there are any failures the test run should be considered Failed. Work with developers to resolve all issues before you execute a new test run.

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