A test plan is a collection of test runs that make it easier to create multiple runs at once. This page will guide you through the steps of creating a test plan.

To create a test plan in TestRail, follow the steps below.

Before you begin

Make sure you're viewing the “Overview” for your project.

Creating a test plan in TestRail

  1. On your Overview project page, go to the Test Runs & Results tab.

    Test Runs and Results in TestRail

  2. Select the Add Test Plan button.

    Add Test Plan
  3. Enter a Name and Description to your Test Plan.

    Add name and description to test plan
  4. Link the test run to the relevant Milestone.

  5. On the top right, select Add Test Run.

    Add Test Run
  6. Select the test cases that you wish to include in your test plan.

    1. Select entire sections or individual tests to include in the run.

    2. Apply filters based on the data in your test case fields.

      Select test cases
  7. Assign the test run to a user.

    Assign to a user
  8. Add or update the test run name, description, and references where necessary.

    Add a name, description, and references
  9. Use the Configurations option to create multiple runs simultaneously.

  10. Create a test run for each configuration.

    Create a test run for each configuration