TestRail is a web-based test case management tool that allows team members to enter test cases, organize test suites, execute test runs, and track their results through a web interface. The Platform provides a TestRail cloud instance to create, execute, and maintain manual test plans. On this page you’ll learn some initial preparation steps for accessing and using TestRail, and how to create a project in TestRail using a short video tutorial to help get you started.

TestRail projects are the highest level of organization available in TestRail. The Platform recommends using one project for each VFS Team.

To create a TestRail project, follow the steps below:

Before you begin

  1. Request access to the Platform TestRail instance from the QA standards team in #vfs-platform support. See Getting help from the Platform in Slack for more information.

  2. Review the TestRail User Guide documents maintained by TestRail.

  3. Once you're familiar with TestRail, use the steps below to create a new project.

 TestRail accounts are limited. Please limit account creation to dedicated QA personnel and a shared account for VFS team.

Creating a TestRail project

  1. Verify you’re logged into the DSVA Platform TestRail instance.

  2. Select the Add Project button from the Dashboard.

    Add Project button from TestRail Dashboard

    Add Project button from TestRail Dashboard

  3. Enter your project details. Include a link to your GitHub project space, issue tracker, and ZenHub board.

    Add TestRail Project details

    Add TestRail Project details

  4. Choose the default repository selection (Use a single repository...) to create a single test suite for the project.

  5. Select the Add Project button below the repository selection area.

    Add Project button in TestRail

    Add Project button

  6. Verify your project was successfully created.

    TestRail Project created successfully

    TestRail project created successfully!

Screen Capture Video Tutorial

This video tutorial shows how to create projects in TestRail.