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Charles Proxy setup for TeamSite

In order to get TeamSite working, you have to set up a proxy that directs your browser to load /health and va_files from, and all other files from localhost:3001. This lets you edit css, javascript etc, and load from webpack, without having to set up TeamSite locally.


Install Charles Proxy

Download and install Charles Proxy

Install certs

Follow the instructions to allow Charles Proxy to eavesdrop on requests

Enable SSL

Open SSL Proxy menu

Screenshot of Charles Proxy Proxy menu items

Add the following hosts to the list:



Screenshot showing the addition of hosts to the SSL Proxying list

Import Map Remote settings

Download the remote map available at team-site-map-remote.xml

Import the Map remote settings by going to "Tools > Map Remote" hitting import, and pointing to the downloaded file.

Then turn on Map remote, restart your browser, and insure that webpack is running and navigate to localhost:3001/health


  • This doesn't work with Safari at all

  • You must disable any proxy extensions in your Chrome or use an incognito window

Testing subdomains

Validating changes against subdomains requires mapping specific documents to a local build.

  1. Follow the steps above to get Charles set up and running.

  2. Proxy > SSL Proxy Settings

    • add the S3 production asset bucket:

    • add the subdomain hostname e.g.

  3. Build the site e.g. NODE_ENV=production npm run build -- --buildtype=vagovprod

  4. Open the subdomain page in an incognito window.

    • Observe the network activity in Charles for the S3 bucket. 

      View of the S3 bucket activity in Charles

  5. Right click on the asset to override and select Map local.

    • likely files to override: stylesConsolidated.css or proxy-rewrite.entry.js

  6. Map the file to the locally built asset by clicking Choose and navigating to your local build/BUILDTYPE/generated/ folder.

    Edit Mapping window in Charles

    File navigator for the generated directory

  7. Click OK and hard refresh the page in your browser

  8. Verify that the correct file was served by clicking the latest load event in Charles and reading the notes. Charles will keep an ongoing log of network activity- new items appear at the bottom of each node's list.

    View of Charles network activity

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