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Automated code quality

Provide automated tooling to automate to improve code quality with explicit and enforced standards to help reduce the burden of code reviews felt by both VFS and Platform Teams.

Tools implemented:

ESLint - Establish a standard set of linting rules using 'eslint' that will be run during every build and report any warnings or errors to VFS Teams

Manual Review Triggers - Each PR on vets-website will run through an automated process which looks for code additions/modifications which could be considered bad for the platform. If a potential issue is found, a bot will leave an automated comment and request a review from the frontend-review-group.

Product guides \ documentation:

ESLint - Help Guide | Process for Adding New Rules | Current Linting Rules

Manual Review Triggers - Help Guide

Product responsibility

Examples or references of usage:

Version Notes:

Release v1.2 Sprint 20 (04-02-20)

  • ESLint - Publish and setup the second set of standard linting rules for trial for the next 4 weeks. Feedback from VFS teams will be collected during this period. Please use the tag @frontend-review-group or message any of the front-end tools team members in Slack and provide us with your feedback.

Release v1.1 Sprint 21 (03-30-20)

  • ESLint - First set of standard linting rules are enforced

Release v1.0 Sprint 20 (03-03-20)

Feature requests:

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