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Platform data sources

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Use this data sources table to find the data you need to see your product’s success. We recommend starting with Domo to check your overall KPIs, and then digging into your data deeper using the appropriate data source.

This page includes which data platforms host the data you’re looking for, if the high-level data is surfaced in Domo, and which Platform team you should contact to get more information. For more information about other resource provided by all Platform teams, please visit the Platform Tools page.


Data Source


Currently In Domo?

Which team owns this data?

Website interactions


Google Analytics

Attribution, behavior, & conversions 

Analytics & Insights

VA Notifications

VA Alert system


VA Notify



Medallia survey data.


(manually imported)

Veteran Support

Health & monitoring






CRM data from various VA Contact Centers

(manually imported) 

Veteran Support

Grafana Loki

Backend system metrics (aggregations and indexing logs) from Prometheus

Replaced by Datadog.


Operations, Back End Tools


Backend system metrics.

Datadog has replaced Grafana.


Operations, Back End Tools


Front end performance monitoring


Front End Tools

Github Actions

CI/CD information. Developer workflow automation.


Front End Tools, Testing Tools, Operations

AWS Cloudwatch

Monitoring and observability service

Replaced by Datadog.


Operations, Back End Tools


Test case management 


 Testing Tools

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