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How To Wizard Interactions

These events can be used to track interactions with the How To Wizards on

Description/Screenshot of Interaction

Data Layer

Dev Notes

User chose to start over the wizard

'event': 'howToWizard-start-over'

Pushed along with the user function to start the form over (manually clears the session data)

Form field changes (clicks on radio button answers)

'event': 'howToWizard-formChange',
'form-field-type': '<form_component_type>',
'form-field-label': <question_text>',
'form-field-value': '<question_answer_or_form_value>',

'form-field-type' should populate with the class name, in this case 'form-radio-buttons'

'form-field-label' should populate with the full question label

'form-field-value' should populate with the value selected, in most cases here 'Yes' or 'No'

Received alert notice following a question answer

'event': 'howToWizard-alert-displayed',
'reason-for-alert': '<description>'

'reason-for-notice' can populate with whatever free text level of specificity you all feel is necessary to understand why the user received the notice, for reasons that are ineligibility related, we can prefix with ineligibility -  (ex. 'ineligibility - not a service member or veteran''ineligibility - eligible for chapter 31''ineligibility - outside time period from active duty discharge', 'chose not to apply now')

Click on link within blue box notice

'event': 'howToWizard-alert-link-click',

Populate with the full link click label

How to wizard primary CTA is surfaced / visible

'event': 'howToWizard-cta-displayed'

When the user has reached the end of the series of questions to reach the apply now button

User clicks link to skip how to wizard

'event': 'howToWizard-skip'

Video Tracking with a progress bar

  'event': 'nav-progress-bar-change',
  'progress-bar-type': 'segmented',
  //dynamically populate with an integer with each new change the current
  'progress-bar-current-value': 0,
  //consistently populate as an integer with the total number of segments, i.e 5
  'progress-bar-max-value': 0,
  //title of progress bar step  
  'progress-bar-title': 'iiiii',
  //subtitle of progress bar step
  'progress-bar-subtitle': 'iiiii',
  'enable-analytics': true

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