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June 2021

Changes to Analytics products & services

KPI Dashboards

KPI Dashboards are changing! Here’s what to expect:

If your product is a form, content page, or search tool, then you can get a standardized KPI dashboard that includes the metrics that VA cares about – no more custom work each time!

Fill out this Github template to request your KPI Dashboard.

If your product does not fall under the form, content, or search categories, use the Platform /support request feature to collaborate with the Platform Analytics & Insights team on your needs.

New Office Hours

If you have any questions or need additional support beyond the KPI Dashboards, we’re here to help! The Platform Analytics & Insights team will host regular office hours starting Thursday, July 1st.

Office hours are offered weekly at the following times:

  • Platform Analytics Office Hours - Tuesdays, 3:30-4pm ET

  • Platform Analytics Office Hours - Thursdays, 12:30-1pm ET

We highly encourage everyone to attend office hours for the following support:

  • Questions on how to interpret or analyze Domo and/or Google Analytics data

  • Guidance on how to create or update your own Google Analytics reports (please remember that the Platform Analytics & Insights team will not support maintaining these dashboards, as they are VFS-team owned and are not automatically shared to Platform)

  • Advice on how to visualize or use your data for product decisions or stakeholder reports

  • Any Google Tag Manager collaboration or follow up

Feature Requests

Are you still looking for data that’s not available in the KPI Dashboards or easy to find in Google Analytics? The number of VFS teams are growing, and in order to support that, we are moving more towards standardized dashboards. Unfortunately, that means we will no longer be taking one-off requests. Instead, you can fill out a feature request to request new features or suggest modifications to existing features. We envision a space where you can get the high level information you need to understand your product’s success. We value your ideas and suggestions, and we will use the information to improve our products and services towards that vision.

Click here to see the updated analytics support guidelines.

Standardized KPI Dashboard launch dates

Projected rollout dates for the standardized KPI dashboards are as follows:

  • Forms KPI Dashboards - Wednesday, 6-30-2021

  • Content KPI Dashboards & Search KPI Dashboards - Thursday, 7-20-2021

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