Loki is a service running on the Platform that collects, aggregates, and stores logs. Loki is an open-source, centralized logging solution from Grafana Labs. The Grafana UI is used as the visualization interface for logs aggregated by Loki.

This page outlines how to view logs collected by Loki in the Grafana UI.

Before you begin

Log in to Grafana and select a Loki data source. (SOCKS proxy access is required)

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: View the query interface

View the query interface used for searching and analyzing log files.

Query interface

Query interface

Step 2: View the vets-api logs

To view the vets-api logs:

  1. Click “Log browser”

  2. Make sure “app” is highlighted

  3. Scroll down and highlight “vets-api-server” or “vets-api-worker” depending on your need

  4. Click “Show logs”

View vets-api logs

View vets-api logs