Enterprise Military Information Service (eMIS)

Overview and terminology

eMIS provides information about veterans' military service history. The main way in which it is used by va.gov is to answer the question "Is this user a veteran?"

eMIS provides a SOAP API available over HTTPS.

Integration endpoints

Required configuration

  host: "{{ plat_config.EMIS_HOST }}"

SSL client certificate

eMIS requires an approved client SSL certificate in order to connect. This is configured on the forward proxy, note you will need to obtain the client certificate and key to do any connection debugging.

Replacing expiring client certs
  1. Create new client certificates issued by the VA by following instructions here. (Some users may be unable to view these instructions, depending on their permissions.) Use the same CN names that are used in the current client certificates as that seems to be tied to how they record and approve client certs.

  2. Create a Service Now ticket and assign to the VIERS eMIS Tier 2 Support assignment group, wait for a response and follow the directions given.1

1 If this, for whatever reason isn't working out, you can try and contact one of these VIERS engineers, Scott.Harris2@va.gov or Nigel.Sollars@va.gov about updating approved client certificates for eMIS. They will ask for a copy of the certificates and corresponding environments. (These engineers were found through contact with Jim.Jones@va.gov through David.Gray@va.gov)

Escalation procedure

  1. Check that the forward proxy has at least one connection to the eMIS servers. Run the following query on prometheus and validate there are more then 0 backends up

  2. Check that the forward proxy health check is returning a valid result
    curl https://internal-dsva-vetsgov-prod-forward-proxy-650477441.us-gov-west-1.elb.amazonaws.com:4438/VIERSService/eMIS/v1/MilitaryInformationService?wsdl

  3. Check that the eMIS service is available from within the VA network
    nc -z vaausvrsweb20.aac.va.gov 443

  4. You can check whether the health check (WSDL endpoint) returns a valid result, but you will need to obtain the client certificate and private key. curl -v -k --cert ./vetsgov-emis-prod-cert.pem --key ./vetsgov-emis-prod-key.pem "https://vrsweb20.aac.va.gov/VIERSService/eMIS/v1/MilitaryInformationService?wsdl"

  5. Notify the eMIS team. The group is known as VIERS eMIS Tier 2 Support to the VA Enterprise Service Desk 855-673-4357 For pre-production issues the team requested (as of 8/7/2020) to be contacted via email to POCs: Scott Harris & Nigel Sollars

Key contacts




VA Project Manager

Fred Tolley


Integration/Implementation contact

Clifton Fauntroy


Integration/Implementation contact

Sujeet Narayanan


VADIR/eMIS data questions/issues

Jim Jones


Production support contact

Scott Harris


Pre-production support contact

Nigel Sollars