This is a guide on how to add accessibility test cases in TestRail.

There are 6 sections in TestRail that contain the current set of available test cases.

  • Mobile

  • CSS

  • HTML

  • Visual

  • Functionality

  • Keyboard

Each test case has several points of interest.

  • Type option is set to “Ally Template”

  • Preconditions contain a link to the WCAG 2.1 Success Criteria which has information and examples on how to meet the standard.

  • Preconditions will sometimes contain launch blocker/non-launch blocker examples

TestRail test cases inside the Platform Accessibility Template.

Adding the accessibility test cases to your test run

  1. Navigate to your test run and click select cases. This will open a popup to select the test cases.

Test run screen with the link to select cases outlined.
Select cases screen in TestRail with Type and A11y Template selected.

2. From the popup, you can select the 6 accessibility folders on the left or narrow down the results using the Type dropdown on the right while selecting A11y Template.

3. Selct OK to add the selected test cases.

4. Select Save Test Plan.